The Nav Ministry & Philosophy at UCSD

The vision of the Navigators is "to know Christ and make Him known." That is at the heart of every activity and interaction we have with one another. We are big on one-on-one discipleship and being living proof of the gospel we preach. How do we do this? By spreading around Jesus' "mad love".

Practically speaking, at UCSD Navs, we have a Friday large group time that we call "NavNite." That's where the students lead us in some games, ToolTime (which is a 10-minute segment designed to teach tools/skills for being a disciple), a skit, small group time and usually a speaker shares from the Word. (NavNites are planned by student leaders and is generally a lot of riotous fun & feeding.)

After NavNite is over, there is a planned activity time, which we call "AfterNavs." This is a time for us to rally up our friends to join us in doing crazy activities like having egg-drops, Star Search extravaganzas, boba-runs, capture the flag, rock climbing, laser tagging or rounds of taboo and 4-on-a-couch. It's a time to have fun and spread the mad love around so that those who do not know Jesus can get a sense of what His love is like through the way we love one another and welcome them into our group. We have been told time and again that there is something "different" about our group -- and that different thing is Jesus' love.

There are also small groups, one-on-ones and "going in the dorms" time all throughout the week.

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