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*** STUFF ABOUT ME- the editor ***

A brief bio and important links to my life:

Here are two versions of my testimony, completely different angles.:)

My Daily Journaling of Random Thoughts and Insights...

Past Lessons that God has taught me:

Here's how I ended up moving out of my parent's house!:

I hate aimlessness. I want to live with purpose. I want my life to be totally and completely driven by conviction. Here are some...

A little about the top three heroes of my life:

And in case you were wondering about my obsession with ladybugs...


Here is a page dedicated to overseas missions:
Some poetry!

A never-ending story...

Here is a page of songs! Check it out.

"Words" can carry such worlds of meanings! Here is a page of quotes of wondrous things that have been said.

*** FYI ***

For more information on how to grow in the Lord... i.e. what is a quiet time, how do you have a quiet time and how to study the Old Testament, then please click below.

Good stuff to read!

    What do you do when life seems a mess? Here is a testimony account of how Pam found peace and unexplainable joy in the midst of trials:

    Have you ever felt like you were not good enough? 'Cause I've felt that plenty!

    "But you are a chosen people..." 1 Peter 2:9

    Do you just want to be free? Here's Ed's thoughts about what it really means to be free.

    In Japan, a "land where seemingly no one is poor and even with a bad economy, people always have money left to spare," can one find happiness?

    What does it mean to worship God, anyway?

    A New Creature but still believing the old lies?

    Ever been in a jam and wish that someone would cover for you?

    What is a missions minded church?

    Are all the verses in the Bible important?

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