Written by Vincent Ng

I urge you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present you bodies
a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual
service of worship.
Romans 12:1 NASB

We love, because he first loved us
Let us learn from Him in faithfulness
Love is not a feeling or an emotion
But His presence and your devotion
Love forgives, Love forgets
In Christ, we can do likewise with no regrets
What sacrifice will you make?
Friends? Money? Or a life of give and take?
He was despised and rejected, yet He loved you and me
So much -- that He ended up on a tree
He gave the ultimate sacrifice that we may live
What price shall we pay? What can we give?
Not by our own works or our own device
But our whole body as a living sacrifice
He wants us to give it our all
Our walk with the Lord is nothing small
Christ has shown us the way
With this in mind, let us obey
So be wise, be smart
Cherish the Love in your heart

A comment from the author, Mr. Ng. :)
What prompted me to write this poem? As I looked at my life and the life of others, I wondered about the sacrifice we had to make in order to follow Christ. For many of us, we lost friends, for others, we have a hard time forgiving, and some of us, money had become our god. Whatever it is that is holding us back from fully serving God, may we continue to see Christ as our example. If we say we love God, let's keep his commandments.

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Created April 4, 2000
Last modified: July 3, 2001
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