rotation in the rearview

mary ann nguyen

june 10, 1997


for hours and hours and hoursÖ

††† Iíve been drifting along the road.

landmarks pass too quickly,

††† blurring before I can hold

the details of the moments Ė

†††† like teens with too much to say,

muffled sounds of sugarsweet laughter

†††† of classmates during the day.

and the guys beside their lockers,

†††† shoving each other aside.

running late to classes

†††† and being punished before we can hide.

memories leaping before me,

†††† vivid and perfectly colored.

I can see it all so clearly,

†††† though lost in time Ė not ordered.


like rotation with a lot of friction,

†††† math and science seemed to pass,

but slippery slipped English,

†††† which never seemed to last.

the classes werenít so easy,

†††† but then they werenít so slow.

they challenged - but didnít break me Ė

†††† with so much I didnít know.

and looking in the rearview mirror,

†††† not much can be discerned Ė

just a clutter of litter and landmarks,

†††† a clump of the things Iíve learned Ė

of days I had long dreaded,

†††† but now I only long,

because of the knowledge I gained of

†††† not being right, but being wrong.


the rubber is burning stenching marks,

†††† streaks and jags along this road.

Iím not ready to take the off-ramp;

†††† I just want to holdÖ

onto all the memories

†††† that have slipped so quickly by,

Ďcause when I look in front of me,

†††† I canít see beyond the sky.

a fear of great uncertainty

†††† swims swirling through my mindÖ


but though I donít know what will happen next,

†††† Iím not afraid of time.

Ďcause Iím not driving on this road alone;

†††† thereís One whoís in control.

God knows where I am going

†††† and how to get where I need to go.

so Iíll sit back in my seat

†††† and follow along a new road

with occasional glances back

†††† as I speed forward for the gold.