"Words, words, and words..."

Here is a collection of great things that I've heard said or read in the past couple of years. Every once in awhile, I remember to write it down. So here they are...

"I want to be broken, I want to be so broken that all I can think about is God, and all that I breathe is God." - Pam Wan (10/16/98)

"I believe in the Big Bang theory though it has changed around a lot... and it'll probably change around some more to... only God knows what!" - Roy D'Andrade (Anthropology professor at UCSD) (11/17/98)

"This isn't as good as it gets!" There's better - there's Heaven yet to come! - Tina Yang (Summer 1998)

"...smiles reined in and spirits dancing in private rapture." - Jane Austen, Persuasion, ch 23, p. 44.

"...evil rolls off Eva's mind like dew off a cabbage leaf, - not a drop sinks in." - Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom's Cabin, p. 20.

"I've read the last chapter, God wins!!!" - Dr. Scorgie

"The degree to which you're excited to tell people about Jesus shows the degree to which you love Him." When you're incredibly in love, you wanna shout to the world! - Dr. Henry Tan (12/13/98)

"I feel like an alloy." (impure but being refined) - Candy Lam (12/14/98)

"His love is never based on our performance, no matter how much we act like it is..." - Yee Feng (12/15/98)

"In him (Jim Elliot) was a man full of sin, full of fault, full of failure, not too good to be true, but too true to be good without God." - Samantha Chang (12/17/98)

"It's such a funny little puzzle to recognize that I am so very far off from the better and at the same time being exactly where God means me to be." - Samantha Chang (12/17/98)

"Every time you say yes to one thing, you are saying no to something else. Keep that in mind and you will consider better what you say yes to." - Larry Bauer (11/24/98)

"That's called a fish named 'sel'." - Samantha Chang in reference to "selfishness." (1/2/99)

"Brokenness is the realization of who God is and who you are in light of that. Therefore, brokenness is a choice. You can choose to be broken...I think the challenge is to live lives that are always broken." - Courtney Nguyen (1/19/99)

"Live and breathe in sync with the mind of the One who composed the Word. Then you will understand His principles and desire to lovingly obey." - Dr. Glen Scorgie (1/10/99)

"Me and God, we're in sync!" - Dr. Scorgie (1/10/99)

"I learned that there's a peace that comes after sorrow of hope surrendered, not hope fulfilled. A peace that looketh not upon tomorrow but calmly on a tempest that is stilled." - Darlene Rose

"The world thirsts for grace and when grace descends, the world falls silent before it." - Phillip Yancey, quoted by Dr. Scorgie (1/24/99)

"...what matters is being plugged into the career path of Jesus Christ." - Dr. Scorgie (1/24/99)

"I am as I am because He created me thus." -- me.

"There's no point in surviving if you've got nothing to survive for." - Pastor Luke Chen

"Lord, we are created by you, so we should submit to you." - Auntie Leah Wong (2/28/99)

"The best evangelistic tool is a God-saturated, Christ-centered believer." - Pastor Joe Rhodes (4/31/00)

"You are called by the will of God to be who you are. The highest calling of God is to be what God has called you to be. And doing the will of God really means being faithful in what the Lord has set before you." - Greg Laurie (5/00)

"It is far better to be in compliance than defiance with the will of God." -- me. (6/22/00)

"It's nice to be somebody's girl sometimes. It's nice to belong to someone once in awhile." - Thao Nguyen (7/5/00) (check out Romans 1:6 as an assurance)

"There is no such thing as a ' the one'." - Daniel Lowe (8/17/00)

"God gave you passions (every capacity) so you can worship Him with it. He wants to ravish your affections." - Pastor Joe (8/27/00)

"Why is language so loopy? Because as soon as we put something in our mouths, we ruin it. It's just like original sin in us. We just can't keep anything pure." - Professor Farrell Ackerman, Linguistics Prof at UCSD (Feb 9, 2001)

"The man is restless while he misses the rib that was taken out of his side, and the woman is restless until she gets under the man's arm from whence she was taken." - Dwight Hervey Small, "Design for Christian Marriage"

"We all have about as much God as we really want." - Dr. David Jeremiah

My Question: "Can we miss 'the one' God has planned for us?"
Larry Bauer's Answer (paraphrased): "No, as long as you are walking with God, you can't miss it. Only when you are walking intimately with God will you be found worthy to be entrusted with one of His princes." (Feb 23, 2001)

"There are things in your heart that you wanted your earthly father to say but he never did. God wants to speak the words you've always longed for." - Fred Wevodau (Navs Winter Conference; Feb 24, 2001)

"Every word in the Bible contains meaning. We need the correct, authentic attitude toward the Word of God. Our attitude should change from informational reading to formational reading. Let the Word of God master you rather than trying to master it!" - Pastor Albert Lam (March 11, 2001)

"Be sure to work wholeheartedly, and serve with all sincerity. Be honest with all your dealings and serve your boss like a slave to a master, a plebian to a king; for it is truly Christ whom you are serving when you serve him whom He has set as authority over you." - Mary Ann Nguyen (April 23, 2001, about working)

"If we don't know where we lack, we won't know where we need God." - Samantha Chang (July 15, 2001)

"PASSION: There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart. Pursue those." -- Unknown.

"It would be nice if _______[fill in thing you want but can't have]_______, but I am still deeply loved, completely forgiven, fully pleasing, totally accepted, and complete in Christ ." -- Robert McGee from "Search for Significance"

"God accepts me, and there's nothing I can do for Him to change His mind." - Colleen Lam (Sept 4, 2001)

"An abiding life is an abounding life." --Chi-Hok (WCC 2002)

"Salvation is free, but discipleship will cost you everything." --Billy Graham (quoted at Navs winter conference 2002)

"If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare composed poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause and say, Here lived a great street sweeper, who did his job well." --Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (quoted from "Safely Home" by Randy Alcorn -- 4/02)

"Never allow anything to deflect you from insight into Jesus Christ. It is the test of whether you are spiritual or not. To be unspiritual means that other things have a growing fascination for you." --Oswald Chambers, "My Utmost for His Highest" April 2.

On speaking about people who have hurt you, grieved you, wronged you: "We need to see them as someone Christ died for." -- Julie Choi (Jul 18, 2002)

"I have the assurance that God knows what I need." -- Annette Lucman (Jul 27, 2002)

"If Jesus tells me to do it, I can." -- Pastor Joe Wong (CBC Retreat) (Jul 27, 2002)

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