Studying the Old Testament

Studying the Old Testament


The Old Testament is so full of wonderful stories and wonderful lessons!I hope that you are finding it to be so for you as well as it has been for myself.Here is an outline of the way I study the OT which I have found helpful:


1.Ask a lot of questions.

††a.What is God trying to teach the main character(s)?

††b.Where does He lead them?

c.So then where does He lead me?

††d.What does the Lord reveal about Himself here?


2.Ask creative questions.

††a.How did the character feel when that happened?

††b.What might he have been thinking?

††c.What does this show about him?

††d.What would I have done?Would I have done that?


3.Put everything into context.

††† a.Outside of this situation, what is this character like?

††† b.What are the events around this event?

††† c.What has been God's main message so far?

d.      Where else in the Bible (i.e. New Testament) is this character/event

†††† spoken of?What is said about him/it?How does this reference help

††††† me understand God's message better?


Hint:Itís not necessary to ask every single one of those questions for every single passage. These are just generally good questions to consider.Just remember the principles of 1, 2, and 3.†††


Sometimes, I just stick to these five questions... What is God like?What is He trying to say?What does He mean?Is He right?Do I agree with it?


Hope you find it helpful.:)



Mary Ann


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