"No Shortcuts" Bible Study

Read Exodus 13:17-14:31

1. In this passage, God leads His children into places and situations that don't make sense and where it seems that they are wandering around "in confusion." Why does He do this? (Exodus 13:21-22, 14:4, 14:17-18, 14:24-25, 14:30-31)

2. What were the Israelites' reaction when they saw that ALL of Pharaoh's troops were pursuing them? Do you think their reaction was justified?

3. In contrast, what does Moses tell them to do? What is the result of their obedience to this command?

4. In this passage, God has led the Israelites to an understanding about Himself. As you go over this passage again, what are some characters about God that you observe? Write a list.

5. Examine your own life, are there things in your life where it seems like God is not making any sense? Identify the issues in your life where you feel like God has purposely avoided the "short-cut".
      a. How have you been responding to this situation? Is it like or unlike the Israelites' reaction?
      b. In studying this passage, what have you observed about God and about the way He does things and His desires for you that should alter the way you should be responding with your situation?

6. Read Psalm 37:1-9 and then spend some time "being still" before Him. Close in prayer and worship.

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Created June 17, 2000
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