Dear Friend,                                                                                                                                                      Sept 6, 2002

Dreams really do come true!

When I was a little kid, I was fascinated by the idea of living forever.  Many of the books I read fueled this longing to live forever -- although one book, “Tuck Everlasting,” made me realize that I didn’t want to live forever in this imperfect world.  It was like God set eternity in my heart.  The other day I read these Jesus words, “I am the living bread.  If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever…” (Jn 6:51a).  There it was in plain black and white!  If I feed on Jesus as my Source & sustenance, I will indeed live forever!  ~ forever in a Perfect World.  The gratefulness I have in my heart for this Eternal Life wells up, full to overflowing…               

And it overflows to college students on UCSD campus.  This academic year (02-03), I have the privilege of serving part-time with the Navigators Collegiate Ministry at UCSD, helping college students receive everlasting life.  So this would mean that by day I will be a 40-hour Research Associate for the California Smokers’ Helpline and by night I will be a “missionary” on campus.  I will get to hang out with college students, love them with Christ’s love and bring them to Jesus.  I will get to share the gospel, teach, disciple, train, and lead Bible studies. 

I am most looking forward to having Investigative Bible studies with nonbelieving students and sharing the Bridge Illustration (which illustrates the gospel) with them.  There is just something about sharing the gospel to those who have never heard that really makes me feel like I’m alive.  Maybe it’s because there’s so much truth in Philemon 6 – that we come to know every good thing we have in Christ when we actively share our faith.  Or maybe it’s because when I do it, I know that I am echoing God’s passion. (He loves people and wants all of them to be with Him forever!)  Or perhaps it is mostly that God has given me such a heart for people.  When I look into eyes, all I see are aching hearts that long for the fulfillment that only the Lord Jesus can give.  Having experienced the joy of sharing His message, seeing eyes opened, lives changed and longings fulfilled, all it’s got me is craving for more!

But I can’t do this alone.  Would you join with me on this one-year commitment that I have made to be a missionary at UCSD?  I need your prayers most of all – because we are not in a battle “against flesh and blood…but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”  Prayer is the only way that these students will be set free from the bondage of darkness.  So please pray for their release and pray for me, also, that God may open the door for the Message, so that I may proclaim the mystery of Christ. 

Would you also consider supporting me financially to cover ministry expenses such as Bibles, conferences, newsletters, Bible study materials, etc?  I need people to commit monthly for this next year.  My total need is $500/month.  If God leads you to give, then send a check made payable to The Navigators with my name “Mary Ann Nguyen” on the memo line, to PO Box 6400, Colorado Springs, CO 80934-6400.  If you would like to get updates from me and/or would like to commit to praying for me, please email me at  

Classes at UCSD begin Sept 26.  Please pray for me as I initiate with incoming freshman.  (More exciting details of the fall Bible study in the next newsletter!) 

Thank you for your devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ.  Your love for Him and for the saints encourages me immensely.

                                                            His Lil’ Ladybug,

                                                                                    Mary Ann


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