Brief Bio and Links of my Life

Brief Bio Sketch:
Name: Mary Ann
Spiritual birthday: June 15, 1996
Personality Type: infj, Idealist Counselor
University alma mater: UCSD
Mission statement: To know Christ, Obey Christ and Make Him Known.
Dream: To be at the center of God's will. (Perhaps be an ambassador for Christ, taking the gospel to a place where the Name of Jesus is unknown and unheard of?!) :)
Why? -- 'Cause God loves people more than anything.

Favorite Movies

Good Links:
Wonderful missions org:
Wycliffe Bible Translators

My fav place to buy books:
Christian Book Distributors

My webjournal:
The Treasure Hunt

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Created: May 1, 2001
Updated: Mar 3, 2004
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