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What everything comes down to.
This is what I believe.

It is with inexpressible joy that I greet you! Jesus Christ has turned my world upside down and inside out in the most wondrous way that words would never be sufficient to describe. Even so, I'd be a fool to remain silent about His greatness! The focus of this web page is to give glory and honor to Him who gives Love and Life. However, my disclaimer is that no amount of words could even begin to describe the greatness of Jesus Christ. My prayer is that this page will inspire, enlighten and encourage you as you journey toward Him - whether you are unacquainted with Jesus and are merely curious or that you currently have a meaningful, adventurous love relationship with Christ.

- Mary Ann
Dec 3, 1999

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* If you are just beginning your search about about this Christianity business,
here's a page that might help you understand a bit of the basics:
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How to Get to Heaven

Created December 3, 1999
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