My commencement ceremony is at 8:30am on the Thurgood Marshall Playing Field on Sun, Jun 17th. I will be graduating with most of my friends at Marshall College (though I'm a Warren student). I would be honored if you would come, but I don't demand it because you'd have to ditch church for me (I understand if you can't make it). For parking info,, for a map,

There will be a brief time of worship led by Pamela Wan and myself starting 6:30am on the Marshall field.

For awhile now, I haven't really been too terribly ecstatic about this. Graduation ceremonies have kinda seemed to me to be just a lot of "pomp and circumstance." I loathe anything that would be akin to my saying, "Look at me, look what I have accomplished. Honor me!" But, within the last few days, I have realized that if we moved "me" from the platform and put God on display, then we have something! Graduation ought to be a time of saying, "Look what the Lord God has gone and done. He has brought me through four wonderful years." Now THAT is something to celebrate about. I can't imagine anything more wonderful than making a whole lot of noise to proclaim that the Lord has been so faithful and gracious and awesome to me for four whole years! And that is why I wish for you to join with me in this celebration... not because of what I have done, but so that I can boast about what He has done...

Yours in Him,
Mary Ann

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