"Once Was"

Written by, Edmund Ie

To a God I so adore,

I remember the days where I was free.
Free to do things like swinging on a swing
Or hanging on a branch of a special childhood tree.
I believed that there was a God,
But I never wanted to know Him.
I knew that it would change my world.
I wanted to be free
Free to do things that only involved me.

I saw a figure bright as can be.
Pure and holy this figure was.
Was this real or was it just a dream?
What did he want? Was this God?!
Silence, as we both looked into each others eyes.
For once I thought I was free, yet, realized I was blind.

Now I am awake
I remember the days where I thought I was free...now I truly am.
I remember that I didn't want to believe...Now I do.
I remember believing would change my world...and so it did.
For I thought it was but a dream, instead it was reality.

You found me and saved me Jesus.
For once it always involved "Me"
Now it involves "We".

From a child in need of Your love.

- - - By His grace,
Edmund Ie
Ephesians 4:1-6

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Here's more about Ed!

In brief: He's a 20 year-old Chinese-American 3rd year biological science major at UCI, involved in AACF. :) Quite a prayer warrior too!

Here's his bio:
I accepted Christ into my life during my senior year in high school. I went to a church called Chinese Christian Alliance Church in the San Fernando Valley. The people there were different. it just seemed right to be a Christ-follower. From then on, I took off! =)

But before all that...as in my poem, I saw someone in my dreams during my 1st year in high school. I am so sure that that was an angel or it was really Him. From then on, He started to show me lil stuff and opening His arms to me. I can see all the lil things He has done for me now.

Passions: Making prayer warriors... - at least trying to - because only God can do that. I like to see a happy face among my close friends and family. I have to see a smile...or else it'll make me sad. And last but not least...to know more of God's Word and to use it for His kingdom.

Dreams: To become a pharmacologist and work in Japan, China, or Indonesia making medicine for people and doing ministry alongside. That's one of my goals. The other is to lead a worship set by next year. heheh. That would be cool.

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Created December 20, 1999
A Lil' Ladybug Production