Giving Him the Glory...
Welcome to my new Web page! This is still under contruction - because I am in need of co-builders. (Hopefully, YOU!) :) Come back during Winter Break and there will be more additions.
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This is what everything comes down to: the cross.
So what's the point of this page?
This page is going to be your connection to real-life encounters with Jesus Christ. What do I mean? Basically, I want to fill this page with eye-witness accounts about Christ. Is God real? Is God loving? Does He answer prayer? Is He in your life? Has He changed your life? Does He make a difference? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you can help me out! This page is for you to share your testimony. Testify about His love and mercy. I know you have a great story to share, so please share it with the world!

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For His glory,
Mary Ann

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