“God is Better and Best”  Genesis 22

(A Devotional by Mary Ann Nguyen)


Some things to Ponder: 

1.  Have you ever had to wait to get something you were promised?  How would you feel if the wait was a really long time and you didn’t know when it was coming? 

2.  What feelings would you have once you got it? 

3.  How would you then feel about the object that had been promised to you? 


For over twenty years, Abraham waited for a son.  This son was the key to an incredible inheritance that God had promised.  Years after the son was born, God told Abraham to sacrifice this very son.  What would you have done? Read Gen 22:1-19 to see what Abraham did.


            Abraham did not withhold his son from God – even though we know that Abraham loved this child like nothing else – especially because he waited so long before he got this son.  But he obeyed God.  Why? 

            It says in v. 12 that Abraham feared God, and fearing God means that you do not withhold anything from Him.  Abraham must’ve known a secret.  The only time someone would be willing to give up something good is when there’s something better to be gained to replace that.  So what was the secret? 

God is better and best!  As he gave up the thing he loved most, Abraham was saying, “Lord, as much as I love my son, I love You more than him.  You are better than anything else in this world.  You are the best thing!”  After Abraham made this choice, he was not disappointed.  He found out in inexpressible ways how incredibly “better and best” God actually was!   

Today God is presenting this choice to you as well.  What is it that you love more than anything?  Would you be willing to give this up for God in order to find what is better and best?  In the act of surrendering to God, you would get a chance to say, “Lord, you are totally more satisfying, fulfilling and interesting than this other thing.”  As you say this, I guarantee that you will find out how incredibly true this is!  God wants to replace the good things you now have with something even better. Himself.


            As you begin to think about things that you are holding onto, think about this final thought:  God calls you to not withhold anything from Him, and what He promises you is that He will not withhold anything good from you (Psalm 84:11, Rom 8:32).  Consider this before God as you consider offering the things that are important to you in order to be wholly devoted to Him.  Pray that He would show you that He is better and best.


            John 3:16, Romans 5:6-8




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Created June 25, 2002
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Copyright Mary Ann Nguyen